31 Wisdom Quotes That Can Revolutionize Your Life For Good

“Pleasant words are as the honey comb sweet to the soul and health to the bones"

(A QUOTE from Proverbs 16:24)

Quotes, especially, wisdom quotes are like pleasant words that taste like honey comb.

And over the years, I have been privileged to come in contact with many wisdom quotes spoken by other men and women that have ended up being the signposts on my road to victory.

And today, I will crave your indulgence to let you into 31 of them. I have also added personal notes and commentaries where needed…It is, therefore, my prayer and hope that they will also do a work of, not just inspiring you, but also revolutionize your life like they did mine years ago…Happy reading:

1. “God is a good God” ~ A Quote by Oral Roberts

I am yet to see anyone who came to the understanding that God is a good God, and never gravitated towards him. So, when I heard Dr Oral Roberts say repeatedly years ago, that God is a good God, it changed the dominant religious perspective of a God who is trying to catch me at the slightest error and throw me into hell fire that I grew up with. I found a God who loves me, and who would not want me to stay away from him. Friend, when you discover the love nature of God, you will never shy away from his presence anymore!

2. “God gave everyman a vision to avoid confusion” ~A Quote by Bishop David O Oyedepo

I received this wisdom quote at a time when I was confused about life and what it entailed. Friends, when you discover that God has a special assignment for you in this life, and that he wants you to catch a vision of it, it will stir in you an uncommon feeling of self-worth that will help to launch in you, a sense of mission and purpose.

3. “Faith always has a good report” ~A Quote by Rev. Kenneth E Hagin

When I discovered that faith always has a good report, that it never advertises the defeats that the devil throws against us, it helped me to know when I am operating at the frequency of faith. Friends, Men like Caleb and Joshua understood this principle and prevailed in the wilderness of life. That was why, when all the other people in the camp were magnifying the giants of Canaan, they simply came up with a faith-report, which was the report of good and victory.

4. “Faith only receives what grace had provided” ~ A Quote by Andrew Wommack

This insight will help you to know, that although, God had already made provisions for everything you seek for in life by grace, you must, however, make the efforts of faith to possess them.

5. “All you know is all you have learnt, but all you have learnt is not all that there is to know” ~A Quote by Myles Munroe

This wisdom nugget helped me to stay humble in all my learnings. And that is because you need an attitude of a learner to keep forging on in life.

6. “A broken focus is the only reason men fail” ~ A Quote by Mike Murdock

Focus is a magnifier of some kind…it pins down what you want and energizes you to do a good home-run with it…That is why, persistent people eventually pick up what the discouraged person, ‘almost’ got!

7. “He that has a partner has a boss” ~A Quote by Alexandre Dumas

This nugget helped me to know that either at home or in business, once you have a partner, you have a boss of some kind, because you cannot make solo decisions anymore.

8. “Life is in phases and men are in sizes” A Quote by Bishop David O Oyedepo

This wisdom quote will help you not just to escape the ‘envy-trap’, but also to know that you must go at your own pace so as not to get shredded into ‘emotional-pieces’.

9. “Anointing without money is equal to annoyance” ~A Quote by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

The above wisdom nugget will help you to see the relevance of financial independence in whatever you do in life.

10. “Even if you return what you have borrowed, you still owe the debt of gratitude, and the debt of gratitude is one debt you can never finish paying” ~A Quote by Alexandre Dumas

This wisdom nugget helped me to know that reckless spending often leads to reckless-borrowing and borrowing will end up delaying your goal of financial independence.

11. “The new-creation child of God, is God’s superman” ~ A Quote by Chris Oyakhilomeh

This insight helped to revolutionize my understanding of the born again experience. It helped me to see that the christian is not a cowardly, lilly-livered simpleton.

12. “Behind the glory is always a story” ~A Quote by Pastor E. A Adeboye

Friends, knowing this helps you to know what to look for in every tale of triumph.

13. “Somebody, shout: ‘Hallelujah!!!!!!’ ” ~A Quote by Pastor E. A Adeboye

This quote helps me to jumpstart the praise experience. It is a popular phrase by the amiable man of God, called Pastor E. A Adeboye who leads a congregation of multiple millions of christian-worshippers across the globe. When I want to praise God, and do not feel like doing so, I simply say to myself:

“Somebody, shout: ‘hallelujah!!!!’

And that simply changes my mood like a snap of the finger.

14. “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” ~A Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

This nugget helps to showcase the danger of violence in the midst of people.

15. “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you christians-you are not like him” ~A Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

This helps me to know how to comport myself amongst non-christians. Friends, you must always remember that the non-christian only gets to see you outside the four walls of the church…So, learn to behave yourself by walking your talk.

16. “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts” ~A Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

Never forget that when you violate your conscience, you come under it’s eternal pang of guilt.

17. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” ~ A Quote by Benjamin Franklin

Remember that every change of goal must be followed by a change of action-plan in your day-to-day activities…You cannot repeat the same action-plan of last year and expect a different outcome this year…So, CHANGE YOUR plan so that your story can change for good.

18. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” ~ A Quote by Benjamin Franklin

This shows that actions are superior to intents…for you never master what you did not practice.

19. “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” ~ A Quote By Napoleon Hill

20. “The question you ask determines the answer you get” ~A Quote By Anthony Robins

Questions are the door-openers of the mind, they are the windows of every lively conversation…The difference in people is in the questions they ask…Take for instance, one poor man asked this question: ” Why am I poor?” and he found out why he was poor and regretted being poor…but another poor man asked this question: “What must I do to be rich?” and he found out what he must do to be rich and began to do them, and became rich.

21 “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” ~ A Quote By Napoleon Hill

22 “Every adversity carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefits” ~A Quote By Napoleon Hill

23. “Love is the way to victory” ~ A Quote By Rev. Kenneth E Hagin

A person that walks in love, never stumbles because against love, there is no law.

24. “Your mind doesn’t stay renewed anymore than your hair stays combed” ~ A Quote By Rev. Kenneth E Hagin

This indicates that nothing happens until you make it to happen.

25. “The trouble with us is that we have preached a ‘cross’ religion, and we need to preach a ‘throne’ religion” ~ A Quote By Rev. Kenneth E Hagin

This insight helped me tremendously in spiritual warfare…It made me to see back then, that when the father caused Jesus to sit on the throne, he also raised us up together with Christ and caused us to sit together with him on the throne of triumph...from where we rule and reign in the name of Jesus over principalities and powers.

26. “Believe it in your heart; say it with your mouth. That is the principle of faith…You can have what you say. ~ A Quote By Rev. Kenneth E Hagin

That in a nutshell is the formula for faith!

27. “Kings don’t beg, they make decrees” ~A Quote By Rev. Chris Oyakhilomeh

Seeing yourself as a king, is an absolute necessity if you must enjoy a sweat-less, christian triumph

28. “Nobody outgrows spiritual warfare, you must simply learn to fight” ~A Quote By Dr. Mike Murdock

Spiritual warfare is what the Bible calls the good fight of faith…It is a good fight that you must engage in for your faith-desire to become a physical, practical reality.

29. “When you throw prayer stones at the wicked, you unseat him from your pathway” ~A Quote By Dr. D.K Olukoya

Offensive spiritual assaults is superior to defensive spiritual barricade any day, any time! And that is because, attack will always remain the best form of defense in any battle.

30. “My first church had 7 members in it, and I have to remember, the rent was $225 a month, and I worked for Union Carbide and took the check I made from work to pay for the rent to keep the church open” ~A Quote By Bishop T.D Jakes

Stories like these, help to keep hope alive in any venture, considering the dimension of success and growth that the ministry of Bishop T.D Jakes now showcases.

31. “I may not be where I want to be, but I thank God I am not where I used to be” ~ Joyce Meyer

Friends, I hope the above wisdom quote by Joyce Meyer will fuel your hope and faith today…for we may not have arrived yet, but we have certainly left our initial base….May the God of heaven bless you, richly!

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Yours in the service,

Iyke Nwambie

Dr. Iyke Nwambie is the President of The Advancement Ministries World Outreach Center Inc. Miami, Florida...Hosts of the weekly Christian inspirational tv program, "The Advancement Strategies Broadcast."

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