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Becoming An Exceptional Leader

A leader’s ability to see beyond what his or her competitors are presently seeing is a major requirement in the world of global leadership. While one leader sees a leeway in a particular venture, the other leader sees a set of obstacles in the same

For example, in the early 1980’s despite the fact that the IBM was the dominant company in the then world of information technology…the leaders at the IBM differed significantly concerning what the future of the IT world would look like from Bill Gates.

While the leaders at the IBM saw an IT world that would be dominated by hardware technology with the SOFTWARE as a mere adjunct, Bill Gates saw it differently. He believed that the future of the IT world would be dominated by the beauty and sophistication of the SOFTWARE. So, while IBM kept their gaze on the same trend, Bill Gates’ Microsoft had a ‘paradigm-shift’ that revolutionized the world.

This shift in perspective enabled Bill Gates to SECURE the license to write the operating system (SOFTWARE) for the IBM personal COMPUTERS. Interestingly, he was able to retain the rights to also write the same operating system for other companies who were involved in the manufacture of personal COMPUTERS.That singular outcome enabled Bill Gates’ Microsoft to attain a level of dominance in the world of IT that is most legendary.

And, what is the import of the above illustration to the subject of leadership?

It is the fact that two individuals can see the same object and attach different meanings to them. So, as a leader you must form the habit of thinking outside the box sometimes…For that capacity to think outside the box is what exceptional-leadership is all about.

And how do you begin the process of thinking outside the box? You do that by asking a probing question that you have never asked before. For example, Bill Gates asked this question:

“What is impossible to do in the world, but if it could be done, would fundamentally improve it?”

Now attempting to answer that question led to the conception of the ‘windows operating system,’ asking that question led to the formation of the ‘Gates foundation’ which has waged a formidable battle against the scourge of Malaria on a global frequency.

So, my goal in this article is to challenge us to look beyond our immediate conclave in framing the right questions that can activate our thought frequencies to a higher octave. A student who ventures to ask a question like: how do I intend to engage what I am presently learning to help my community will have a shift in paradigm that is not limited to just passing his or her exams, a businessman or woman who asks this question, “what product or service would I create today that can make life easier for my clients in another five years?” will have a major paradigm breakthrough, a religious leader who asks this question, “how best can I bridge the gap between our church and our community?” will gain more in-roads into his or her environment faster than normal.

Friends, the ball is now in your court, begin to frame the right questions that can help to re-frame your world for good, ask them over and over until your answers become second nature to you and I can guarantee you that you will look back in the years to come to place a premium on what you read today.

If this message has been of any benefit to you, kindly leave us a positive comment so that others may also read and gain from it.

Cheers and God bless!

Dr Iyke Nwambie is the President of the Advancement Ministries Inc. Miami, Florida. Host of the weekly Christian instpirational tv program, "The Advancement Strategies Broadcast."

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