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Happy Mothers Day


On a day such as this when mother’s all over the world are being celebrated, I remember my own mother with so much joy. Although, she has gone home to be with the Lord, I still revel in the knowing that she put everything she had on the table for me to become a responsible kid. Some of you might wonder why I had to refer to myself as a kid. But the truth of the matter is that every one becomes a kid or assumes the posture of a kid when he or she refers to the one through whose womb he or she appeared on this earth.

I don’t want you to feel offended that I am writing about my mother with so much passion, it is just that I happen to know her more than most people might have, it is just that she kept her eyes awake all night running her business for me to pass through Pharmacy school, it is just that she attended many night vigils standing for me in prayers even when I did not know how to say one word of prayer, it is just that she so believed in me that she refused to remarry when her marriage to my dad suffered the pain of separation two times before I reconciled them after 20 years, it is just that she cushioned me on every side with joy like a mother-hen would cushion her chicks, it is just that she not only believed in God’s assignment for my life, but she was the first person to sow a financial seed into my divine mandate to take the “gospel of emancipation and advancement” to the rest of the world, it is just that when I remember how she served as a Deaconess in the first church I planted in Lagos, Nigeria, I marvel at such a dimension of commitment.

But my dear friend, I do know that the story of my mother might not sound like yours in exactly the same way,. I agree that they might not have passed through the same turmoils of life, they might not have witnessed the same pangs of pain, they might not have lamented about the same kind of issues, yet I know that within her story of feminine-ruggedness and triumph is another person’s story, within her story of feminine strength over the vicissitudes of life, is another woman’s story, within her story of victory over defeat, is another woman’s story.

And someone might ask: Pastor Iyke, why do you share such personal details about this? And I say this: It is for the furtherance of the gospel, it is for the sake of imparting hope to someone out there whose situations might seem hopeless, it is for you to know that your case is not special, it is for you to know where I am coming from in communicating this “gospel of emancipation and advancement” through, Christ, it is for you to know that your present-hour condition is not as important as your ultimate position in Christ.

So, dare to: Smile because Jesus loves you…Raise up your head again for you are on the winning side…Refuse to allow the voyage of happenstances to define your happiness today…Stand strong in faith knowing that the same God who gave me victory will give you super-victory, in Jesus name…Shout a big “amen,” type it if you can ,to the glory of God…Hallelujah!

Dr Iyke Nwambie The Advancement Ministries Inc.

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