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"Pastors Are Not Lazy-story-tellers...But Life-molders"

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There are millions of people out there who see the Ministers of the gospel as a bunch of lazy folks who tell a bunch of stories to confuse a bunch of people. I remember how a friend of mine had wondered out-loud, when a mutual friend of ours told him in 1994 that he heard that I was preaching the gospel.

That fellow simply hollered this:

"You mean, Iyke Nwambie has also joined those 'lazy-bones' who do nothing but shout Hallelujah...with their big Bibles?...Is something wrong with him?"

Interestingly, when that information got to my hearing, I simply smiled and shook my head...thinking this: "Hmmnnn...what a way to think!"

But the truth of the matter is that, that is how many of us still think. That is also how I thought before I came into the ministry. In fact, I remember with a tinge of fun and amusement, how I listened to one of my early mentors in the faith, Bishop David Abioye in far away Maiduguri, in 1993 when he described how hard he worked in the course of a sermon titled: "The Force of Diligence." I wondered what he could be doing in his office that he so dramatically described as not just work, but "hard-work!"

Much later, I was to discover how Peter, the Apostle described the work of the ministers as "a labor in the word, and a labor in prayer." Paul, the Apostle added this bite to the same idea when he said: "...And I labored much more abundantly than they (the other apostles) all...yet, not I...but the grace of God in me..."

With those words, I came to the firm conclusion then, that it was "a labor of love" that glided on the platform of love. And just like you may not value the services of a Dentist, until you have a nightmarish-toothache, many of us do not understand the impact of "a word in season" until we face the giants of life.

For example, when I planted a church in Lagos, Nigeria years ago, a member of our new church and an active partner of the Advancement Kingdom Partner was owed some money by a company that he had done some work for. Now, that brother had gone to that company several times, only to come back dejected and disappointed.

So, one night, in the course of his dilemma, I prayed to God concerning him. i reminded God that he is an Advancement Kingdom Partner...I asked that, that yoke of financial stagnation should be neutralized over his life. And in the night-time, I had a vision-of-the-night, where I saw him step into my office with a transparent bag that was full of money. And with that, I knew that God had given him a miracle in the realm of the spirit.

So, when he walked into my office that evening with a long-drawn face of sadness, I told him this with an uncommon authority:

"My brother, go back to that office tomorrow, and get your money!"

And with a confused look, he said, "I really don't want to do that, but if you say so, I will."

According to him, he got to that office around 11 AM in the morning the next day and the Managing Director told his secretary to tell him that he was out of the office. But my church member and ministry partner was persuaded that the man was inside the office. And because of that persuasion based on the word he had received the day before from the Lord through me, he sat put at the reception. And around, 5 PM, after the secretary to the Director, had left for home, the Director sneaked out of his office to leave (without knowing that my friend was still there) and screamed these words at sighting my friend:

"What??? You lousy man...I cannot believe that you are still here!!! Okay..come in and take your money so that you will stop bogging me."

Friends, my friend and ministry partner stepped into my office that evening to share his testimony of victory to the glory of God. Hallelujah!

But here is the catch...What would have happened if that brother had reasoned like most people? What if he thought very little of being a partner in the work of the Lord? What if he refused to act out the word of the Lord that was spoken to him in season?

Of course, your guesses to those posers are just as good as mine. But what is the import of this message? It is for us to know that miracles happen when we believe God, that miracles manifest when we obey the instructions of faith from an anointed vessel.

Some have argued against this idea with this question: Do the servants of God have two heads? And my answer to that is simple: No...they do not, it is just that, that is their assignment in the kingdom.

And it is because of this grace to declare a word in season, that I stand in the gap today, to decree on your behalf, that any evil-power, holding anything that belongs to you away from you, will be roasted by force and by fire today, in Jesus name...Amen! Step out by faith today...and begin to possess your inheritance in Christ.

Note: Remember to click on the partnership menu today, and pray about partnering with us as we take this message of kingdom advancement to the rest of the world.

Yours in His service,

Dr Iyke Nwambie President, Advancement Ministries Inc.

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