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Here is a conversation I had with a dear christian lady on tithes and tithing

A dear christian lady asked me the other day if it was scriptural in the new testament to pay tithes? She specifically wanted to know why I had been somewhat silent on the recent, raging online debates on the issue of tithe as being canvassed by some. And here is a summary of our chit-chat:

Dear Lady: Pastor Iyke, what do you think about tithe?

Me: Why am I supposed to think about it?

Dear Lady: I mean...ehnn...are we supposed to pay tithe in the new testament?

Me: Why do you ask?

Dear Lady: Well, I've been seeing a lot of online posts and videos teaching that tithe is no longer necessary in the new testament.

Me: And what is the basis of their argument or submissions?

Dear Lady: They say that because the old covenant has been abolished, the law of tithing has equally been abolished.

Me: And did they say that tithing originated with the law of Moses in the old testament? Did they acknowledge that men like Abraham and Jacob had tithed more than 600 years before Moses wrote the law of commandments and ordinances?

Dear Lady: Yes, they did. But they claim that those men did them as a voluntary act of worship. And not a compulsory act.

Me: Good. So, what is stoping them from at least engaging in that voluntary act of worship if they are the children of Abraham who are claiming that the blessings of Abraham are theirs in Christ Jesus like the popular song says... ?

Dear Lady: Okay....hmnnnn...'voluntary act of worship'...Okay. Ehmmnnn...But Pastor, did Jesus teach on tithe?

Me: Did he teach against it?

Dear Lady: But he said that it was not a weighty matter of the law.

Me: But he never said that it was not part of the law.

Dear Lady: But did the new testament church teach it?

Me: The writer of the Book of Hebrews, by the Spirit of God, used the payment of tithes to compare the priesthood of Aaron in the old testament, and the priesthood of Jesus according to the order of Melchizedek in the new testament and concluded that in the old testament men that die received tithes...but in the new testament, Jesus himself (who never dies) receives tithe just like he did with Abraham (Hebrews 7:8) ever before Aaron and Levi were born.

Dear Lady: Hmmnnn...Praise God... Pastor Iyke...I have gained a second point here...So, tithing then is still a new testament idea that we do voluntarily.

Me: Yes, it is.

Dear Lady: So, do we come under a curse if we do not do it?

Me: The law that gave the basis for the curse is no longer standing. But there is now a new law that we live by.

Dear Lady: What law is that?

Me: It is the law of love...which the scripture describes as the perfect law of liberty (James 1:25).

Dear Lady: So, how does this law work?

Me: You are no longer motivated by FEAR but LOVE. You do not commit at least 10 percent of your increases to the things of the kingdom because of the fear of devourers, but because you love the Lord your God and His kingdom.

Dear Lady: But will the Lord rebuke the devourer for my sake?

Photo on 7-3-14 at 8.28 AM.jpg

Me: The Lord promised to rebuke the devourer (the devil) for the old covenant people because they did not have the 'power of attorney' to enforce the victory that came in the name of Jesus. In the new testament, Jesus said: Whatever YOU shall BIND on the earth, shall be bound in heaven...and whatever you shall loose on the earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Dear Lady: But must we give up to 10 percent?

Me: It all depends on the intensity of your love for the kingdom of God. Love knows no limits. As a matter of fact, when love propels us, we discover that 10 percent is still at the elementary phase of giving. Remember that we all are still trying to catch up with the widow who gave 100 percent of what she had.

Dear Lady: But do we have to give in measures or percentages...? Is that not limiting God?

Me: Remember that Jesus said: " the measure that you mete out, withal it shall be given to you..." (Luke 6:38). So, from that perspective, it does not hurt to give in measures...or in percentages.

Dear Lady: So, Lol...for example, Pastor, how many percent or measures do you measure with?

Me: I started with a minimum of 10 percent years ago...And as the intensity of my love and affection for the kingdom of God increased, I gradually increased to at least 35 percent. Do you now see why I said that we are still trying to catch up with the widow's mite which was actually 100 percent of her income.

Dear Lady: Hhmmnn...Thank you Pastor...As always, I knew that you would help me to see this thing in a clearer light...That is why I love to partner with your ministry...You are doing a great job for the Lord.

Me: You are welcome, my dear...And to God be all the glory for his grace...So, keep pressing, keep loving and keep standing against the opposing voices of the enemy. Jesus Is Lord.

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Dr Iyke Nwambie

President, The Advancement Ministries World Outreach Inc. Miami, Florida and host of the Christian inspirational broadcast, "The Advancement Strategies Broadcast"

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