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Healing Is God's will


Healing is part and parcel of the gracious items in the 'inheritance package' of the child of God. Within that package is the solution for pain of any kind, within that package is the cure for HIV-AIDS, within that package is the remedy for cancer of any kind, within that package is the antidote for depression, within that package is the neutralizer for poisoned systems, within that package is the answer for heart diseases, kidney conditions, reproductive malfunctions, blood conditions, lung infectsion, asthma, epilepsy, seizures, etc.

That was why when the woman with the issue of blood decided to do what she had never done before, her testimony became the reward for such a daring act, when blind Bartimaeus cried out in faith regardless of what those around him felt, his eyes were restored, when the Centurion came to Jesus for help, his faith was honored.

My dear friend, I am persuaded that Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still in the healing mode, he is still calling every burdened and heavy ladened heart to come to him, he is still releasing the healing power to whosoever cares to believe...So, regardless of your situation, I urge you to simply say:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for exchanging my pains for your healing power,

thank you for paying the price for my freedom from this situation.

I take my healing today by faith. I receive it with joy and gladness,

in Jesus name...Amen!

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