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How To Pray When You Do Not Feel Like Praying

Do you remember the old christian adage that says that, "when you do not feel like praying is actually the best time to pray?"

Yes, I know you probably do!

We all grew up hearing either grandma or grandpa say that. And I often wondered why? Until I found out in my growing-up years that it is part of the spiritual warfare of the devil to fire the arrow of lukewarmness into the heart of the praying christian. And the reason for that is this: if he succeeds at doing that, then he would have neutralized one channel of attack against his kingdom.

Dear friend, Jesus expressly said in Luke 18 vs 1 that "men ought always to pray and not to faint." Now I like the word "always" in that verse of scripture because it means just one thing...And that one thing is, "ALL THE TIME."


So, that was why years back, when I got a hold of that scripture, I asked the Lord this question. I said:

"Dear Lord, how can I still pray, when I do not feel like praying, since you said we should pray always?"

Then the Lord said this to me, "Son, when you do not feel like praying, your prayer point should be, "Dear father, help me to pray today, energize my prayer muscles today, do a fresh work of revival in my soul today, in Jesus name"

I have endeavored to practice that. And after more than two decades, I am still daring to practice it. Can you or would you do the same? If you would, then I pray that God will unleash His grace on you now, so that you will be enabled at all times to pray to God, who loved us and gave us His first begotten son.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! If this message has blessed you, kindly let us know as you leave a word of praise or testimony so that others can be encouraged.

Be of good cheer!

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