POVERTY: Whose report will you believe?

While pastoring in Lagos, Nigeria years ago, I once overheard two 'poor fellows' exchange banters. One considered the other person to be the poor one, while the other felt so insulted that another poor fellow could dare to describe him as being 'poor.'

And when the poorer of the two began to narrate his ordeal to me, he declared that his pain was not that he was poor, but the fact that his own poverty could be so bad that another poor person could consider him to be poor.

Listening to that narrative caused me to stifle a smile. It was not a smile at the condition of the poor, but a smile that seemed to say this: "

...of all the mess anyone can get into, none would seem to match the mess of poverty!"

Yes...poverty is a big mess! Not just a mess, but a chain that holds the victim down in one spot. It blindfolds the reasoning capacity of the afflicted...It causes it's victim to tell lies at will without the faintest shadow of guilt, it causes an afflicted business person to alter his or her standards, it dares the afflicted pastor to speak out against popular opinion, it compels the afflicted parent to wink at what he or she would never have tolerated.

So, bad is the omen of poverty that Jesus, the Christ refused to wear that label when he said this:

"...the poor you always have but not me..."

Reading the above words of Christ, showed me these two things:

1. Jesus knew that there will always be those who would be described as "the poor."

2. He chose to clearly indicate that he was not part of that group.

Dear friend, poverty does not begin from your bank account, but in your 'mental-account.' It ends the day you choose to declare with your own mouth and in your own mind that you are not poor; It ceases to be your label in the realm of the spirit when you choose the report of the Lord. For that report says this:

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospereth" It also says this: "...bless ye the Lord who delights in the prosperity of his children..."

Seeing these reports, therefore, my question to you is this: whose report would you believe today? Would you believe the report of the one who says that poverty makes you a holy person? Would you believe the report of those who say that poverty makes you humble? Would you believe those reports in the face of the pressing evidences that show that the poor is always at the receiving end? Or is there anything that I missed out? Let us hear from you. But while we await your response, I choose to pray and prophesy that:

"Poverty will not be your label today...that the works of your hands will begin a fresh journey of prosperity...that your ministry will be impacted on every side with a new oil of divine favor and acceleration, in jesus name...Amen!"

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