CAREER: What is the way up?

It is needful for you to remember today as you step into a new work-week that whatever your career is called, whichever way your job is described, we all are essentially doing the same thing!

I once said that in a 'live advancement seminar' and a business man asked how he could be doing the same thing as a politician, and a politician asked how he could be doing the same thing as a pastor, and a nurse asked how she could be doing the same thing as a mechanic, and a teacher asked how she could be doing the same thing as a builder.

And with a smile on my face, I said: "Yes, we all are essentially into the business of 1. solving problems and 2. making decisions."

The business man or woman is solving the problem of providing goods and services in a cost-effective way, the sales person is solving the problem of needs, the pastor is solving spiritual, emotional, depressive and lifestyle problems, the politician is solving the problem of leadership and direction, the nurse is solving health-care related problems, the mechanic is solving mechanical problems, the teacher is solving the problem of ignorance, etc.

And in the course of doing that, they make decisions at every cross-road...and those decisions create a new vista of problems that would again require a fresh set of solutions...and from those set of solutions would emerge a new set of challenges.

That is why I often say that:

"...the breakfast of champions is not called cereals but challenges"

And that is also why the scriptures declare that the man or woman who is diligent in his or her business will eventually stand before kings and not before mean or average people.

So, my dear friend, the way up in your career is to do the things that matter most in your own area of activity. Dare to solve big problems, double-dare to make creative decisions...and very soon you would look back and ask:

"How did I get to this high-point in my career? How did I suddenly double my income and outputs? How did I become one of the high-flyers in my area of pursuit?"

And you will hear the voice of God in your spirit say this:

"It is because you have embraced the habit of problem solving, it is because you listened to me when I told you to solve the other problem that seemed too big for you to handle, it is because you have been diligent in your business."


So, what would you do today? What would you do this week? What would you do this month? What would you do in another year? What would you do in another 5, 10, 20, 30 or more years? Will it be another round of gossiping, chatting, loitering, hitch-hiking, etc., or will it be a time of solving the problems that matter to you, will it be a time of making sound, creative, dynamic and profitable decisions?

I like to announce to you that the choice in this area will remain joyfully yours and not anyone else's!

But in exercising that prerogative of choice, I ask you to ponder on this prayer:

"Dear Lord, Help me to solve the problem you have created me to solve, lead me in the career path that you have designed me for, give me the grace to do it with joy and enthusiasm today, in Jesus name...Amen"

And until I come your way again, this is yours truly, Iyke Nwambie signing off...and asking you to let us know what you think...and praying that God will grant any jobless person reading this message today the grace and favor for supernatural job-placements...and that for any person reading this message who is seeking God for a better job, I join my faith with yours to declare that it is done, in Jesus name...God bless you richly! And remember to send us your prayer requests at 305-924-4220...And do not forget to join the "Advancement Kingdom Partners" (AKP-10,000) today!

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