5 Things Wise People Never Expect From Other People

What we expect from other people to a very large extent influences how disappointed we feel at the end of the day concerning such people. When we expect Mr A to do this and that, and Mr A chooses to do that and those, we feel somewhat disappointed and sometimes even offended at such conducts.

But the truth of the matter is that, instead of getting irritated at the other person, we should adjust our expectations to accommodate situations that may eventually avert unnecessary heartaches.

And that is why I am enumerating these 5 things wise people never expect from other people:

1. They never expect others to know what goes on in their minds

Expecting others to know what is going on in your mind is expecting that other people have the all-knowing capacity of the Holy Spirit. I know of someone who would always say: “If that fellow was smart he should have known what I needed him to do”.

Well, even the astrologers of Babylon could not tell Nebuchadnezzar what his dream was except Daniel and the three Hebrew boys who did it by the ability of the Holy Ghost.

So, form the habit of expressing your thoughts in clear forms to avoid ambiguity of understanding and purpose.

2. They never expect others to “thank them” for good deeds

Expecting a sincere “thank you” from others is like expecting a crippled-man to win a marathon race. It is not impossible, but it is a bit difficult…And that is because only 10 percent of people remember to say “thank you” for outstanding deeds done for them.

Remember how Jesus commended the one leper who came back after ten of them were healed by him to say “thank you” to him? That in a nutshell tells you how the mindset of the majority of people works. They forget the good deed as soon as the excitement is over, and focus all of their attention on the next challenge facing them. That is why the phrase: “what have you done for me lately?” is a very popular phrase here in America.

I remember one time when I was assisting one of my cousins in Africa who was not just an orphan but was at the verge of being homeless to build a 3 bedroom house. Instead of him to be grateful for the gesture, he took time to tell the contractors to ensure that they tell whoever asked them about who was behind the construction work that he was building his house by himself…A statement which attracted laughter on my part because I already knew that 90 percent of people hardly say, “thank you!” from their heart.

3 They never expect others to apologize for wrongdoings

Expecting people to say, “I am sorry” often times is like telling a pregnant lady to climb a mountain with her back. Again, that proverb is to indicate that it is possible but difficult. Wise people know that people hardly apologize either due to self-pride, fear of being held accountable or for some other reasons best known to them.

So, in your own life, learn to forgive people in your heart well ahead of time…If they eventually apologize, that will be great, but if they do not, your heart and conscience will still be clear towards them, even if you have to re-define the relationship.

4. They never expect others to respect them beyond their own self-respect

Wise people know that people do not respect you unless you respect yourself first. For instance, If you appear dirty and unkempt, and expect people to respect you as either a decent gentleman or distinguished lady, then your expectations are not only misplaced but somewhat incongruent with the image you are reflecting. If you use abusive, fowl language to address others and expect that they will just smile and fold their hands, you run the risk of being verbally assaulted.

So, let your words and your appearance dignify your person, let them speak loud and clear ever before your words are heard, for how you appear determines how you will be approached.

5. They never expect others to openly endorse them.

Check your own life, and you would see that those who know you one-on-one hardly endorse you publicly. They may like what you are doing in their hearts, they may even tell you in private, but for reasons best known to them, they hardly will endorse you until other unknown people begin to do so.

That was why Jesus, being so surprised at the rejections he received from the Jews who were supposed to know him better, proclaimed that: “a prophet is not without honor except amongst his own people”

So, just keep doing what you are doing, not expecting accolades from people, and when your due season for public promotion and endorsement comes, the God of heaven will raise men and women from everywhere to do it for you.


And on that last note, I will need to hear what additional things you know of, that wise people never expect from other people that you may want to add to this list.

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