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Bitterness is a poison and not a porridge

“14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled

(Hebrews 12:14-15)”

Bitterness is one of the poisons of the human soul. It sets the mind and thought patterns of a man on a roller-coster of evil, it stirs the emotions and feelings of a woman into the potpourri of satanic happenings, it compels their will-power to bend so-yieldedly in the direction of untoward events.

Bitterness is so easy to find around us, because we are always so easily offended by the happenings in our social and domestic environments.

For instance, It raises it’s ugly head when a wife feels that her husband has disrespected her with his words, it stands akimbo when a husband feels that his wife is seeing another man, it shouts with a loud voice of definite presence when a friend feels betrayed by a bosom friend, It announces it’s stinking self when a child decides to ignore the righteous admonitions of a parent, it is found wherever envy is located, it is seen whenever anger strays beyond control, it is the twin brother of jealousy, the obvious kindred-spirit to hatred, the ever-present tinge in the heart of a divorcee, and the unwanted guest in any relationship.


A mind that yields to the overtures of bitterness, speaks like this:

“I will never, ever forgive him, let alone forget what he did to me in our past relationship”

And sometimes a bitter-mind also talks like this:

“That woman is a Jezebel! i will never have anything to do with that witch!”

Or like this:

“I will never forgive my parents for how they abandoned me years and years ago”

Or even like this:

“I will never trust any human being in this world again, especially after what that so-called friend did to me, in our business dealings”


But my dear friend, the truth of the matter is that we often love to massage the dictates of our senses and flesh, we enjoy to remain in that cubicle of self-pity, we adore moments of such feelings of emotional self-indulgence, we think that such complaints and feelings will help us a great deal, we sincerely believe that the wrath of God will descend upon all of those that have injured us, and when such wraths seem delayed in coming, we feel the more offended and bitter towards the offended and sometimes towards God.

But, my dear friend, my assignment in this epistle today, is to let us see again and again, that the scripture in Hebrews 12 verse 15 above lets us into the insight that bitterness is capable of defiling our souls, especially if it is rooted deeply in our minds! And that capacity to defile the soul, is the strongpoint of it’s poisonous nature.

Now, take note that not only is it capable of doing that, it is also capable of hindering the salvation of those around us, who will quickly judge us by what they are seeing and hearing without the recourse of hearing our side of the tale. Because when they fail to see the output of love in us, they also fail to see the display of holiness through us, and that in itself becomes a hindrance for them, because they will back off from hearing the glad tiding of the kingdom which is able to save their soul.


But rejoice, again I say to you rejoice, in the knowing that you are still the new creation child of God, that although bitterness might dwell in your soul, it might hinder you for a while, it might even cause the manifestation of the grace of God to be stilfled in you and around you for a moment, but that moment comes to a standstill, the instant you recall, that bitterness cannot cohabit with the Holy Spirit in your spirit, that the nature of God in your spirit is ever glowing in joy, ever glowing ln love, ever glowing in peace, ever glowing in temperance, ever glowing in meekness and all the other glorious fruits of the spirit man. Friend, it is because of that recoil within our spirit, where the nature of God dwells from the fleshly dictates of our body and our un-renewed soul that makes you and I to feel uncomfortable in our spirits with bitterness and it’s bitter thoughts whenever they show up.

Finally, it pays to remember that christianity is a walk with God that begins with a talk with him. And the place of the talking part of the christian adventure cannot be over-emphasized, over-talked or even over-preached! And that is simply because our mouth was given to us by God as a tool to declare his goodness in the land of the living. Our mouth was also given to us to engage the opposition in spiritual warfare, which in the new covenant is also referred to as the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12)


So, instead of talking out of the bitterness that may be operating from your soul and flesh, you must choose to talk from the love that is dwelling in your spirit where the Zoe of God presently dwells in, you must switch your vocabulary and begin to talk like this:

“Although, I feel offended and bitter based on what has happened, but I also know that bitterness is not my portion, bitterness hurts the bitter person more because it operates like a poison in his soul and body…And because of this knowing, I choose to walk in love, in joy and in peace today! I may have to stay away from those who offended me, but within me, when I think about them, I will simply thank God for using them to train me in the school of love, joy and peace…Hallelujah! So, help me, God!”

Dear friend, It is my prayer today, that as you declare those words of power and deliverance, bitterness will not find a dwelling place in your heart again, it’s very root of operation will be spiritually excavated as you engage the shovel of agape-love on it today to destroy it forever, because bitterness is a poison and not a porridge, in jesus name. Amen!


Did I miss anything? Do you have something to add? Kindly feel free to let us know...And remember to join the Advancement Kingdom Partners (AKP-10,000) today and be a vessel of goodness in the hand of the master. Call 305-924-4200 or select the partnership button.

Yours in His service,

Iyke Nwambie

Dr. Iyke Nwambie is the author of the christian inspirational, GOD WILL ENLARGE YOUR COAST: Hope in the midst of hopelessness. visit our online bookstore today to...PLACE ON ORDER.

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