Don't worry...Be happy

"Don't happy" is the title of a song by Bobby McFerrin released in September of 1988. It was an acappella song that eventually became a chart-burster. It is a song that provokes an instant smile even when you do not feel like smiling. It is a song that helps you to re-define and re-focus your thoughts in order to reduce the pressures of life.

Those pressures come when the good efforts of a business woman are rejected in the market place, they appear when the well-intentioned products and services of a salesman are rejected by unwilling customers, they manifest when a preacher puts in hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars to host a crusade, conference or seminar only to have a handful of attendees to talk to, they show-up when you give-out free samples of a product that had been well received by a particular audience to another audience who don't seem to care or even wink at it, it rears it's head when a leading human rights advocate fails to get the attention of the people whom he had sacrificed a lot for at the pooling booths, it shows forth when a pastor cannot understand why those who had been blessed under his or her ministry will not think of partnering with his or her outreach programs, it comes handy when you put in hours upon hours into a project only to have an uninterested person ask you this lack-luster question with a scorn on his face:"...And what in the world is this...?" You feel it when a suitor that you have gone out of your way to impress gives a verdict of "no" to you, etc.

Thinking along this line, reminds me of the fact that I have also had my own fair share of rejections in the course of working in the Lord's vineyard. I remember a good friend of mine who threw back a handbill of one of our Advancement seminars at me back in Lagos only to regret doing so because of the miracle his sister received at the program, I remember presenting some complimentary copies of my first five books to a Pastor friend of mine (who works for another ministry) at a conference in Lagos, Nigeria years ago. The first thing that pastor had to say after scornfully looking at those books (without opening them) was:

"...when you want to write other books, I will show you how to do it..."

Lol..The funny and interesting part of that experience was that that brother had never written or published any book as at the time of saying that more than 14 years ago, and has still not written or published any as at the time of writing this message.

I got consoled, however, when I gave the same books to another brother who works at Shell BP as an Engineer and who had just returned from a cross-posting assignment from Oman. That brother did not only give me a check that covered the entire cost of those publications (without me soliciting for it) he went ahead to add those books to the Shell library located at their global headquarters in the Netherlands during one of his trips back then. I also remember offering one of our free videos to a gentleman in a particular office who angrily asked:

"...why are you people always producing these useless things? What else are you going to say? Ask for money? I am sorry, I have no money to give you..."

As I smiled at his submission, his friend, who had witnessed the incident reminded him that that video was offered to him at no cost. He also reminded him that just one sentence in one of my earlier videos made in 2001 and titled: "Down but not dead" saved him from committing suicide when he was sorely indebted to a bank.

So, my dear friend, when God sends you out on an assignment, the first training he gets across to you will be on how to overcome the rejections of men. That was why he told his disciples to simply "shake off the dust of rejection" and move on to the next city, if they get rejected in a particular city (Luke 9:5).

And while we are on this prescription for rejection by Jesus, the great physician himself, it is crucially needful that you take note of the following two-way points:

1. Shake off that rejection from your feet


2. Move to the next city.

The key-thing in that divine prescription is that quitting is never an option in the school of advancement. And when you remember the rejections of the past, do not allow them to stick-on to your shoes and stepping. Doing that reduces your pace, holding on to them breeds lethargy and meditating on them affects your joy.

So, instead of crying, adopt different approaches; instead of quitting, change your methodologies; instead of trying to impress them the more, you may have to re-strategize your approac...but always remember that quitting is not an option.

That is even why the scripture says this:

"Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.(Hebrews 10:35-36)).

So, hang in there my friend. Endure the tides of discouragement, pay the price of patience and the promise will eventually be yours...For in every labor there is profit (Proverbs 14:24). And my prayer is that the God who sees your secret efforts will bless them in such a way that your profitting will appear to all...Shout amen, if you receive it.

The Floor is now open for comments:

Do you have something to add? Is there something that I missed out?

Let's hear from you.

Yours truly,

Iyke Nwambie.

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