Down Is Not Your Favorite Spot In Life

Remember that down is not our favorite spot in life, down is not God's permanent location for us, down is not the perfect will of God for us. For example, one profound strategy the Lord showed me some years ago was never to fall "face-down" when the challenges of life charge against me. He said, "If you must fall down, be sure to fall on your back and not on your face."

And in my confusion I asked: "But Lord why? And he said, "If you fall face-down, you see only the floor, you see darkness, you see hopelessness, you see the downward trend of things only...But if you fall on your back, your eyes will see the stars of joy when you open them, you will see the rising sun of hope every morning."

And when hope surges in you afresh, you will hear the nudging-voice of the Lord whisper a word of inspiration in you. That voice will cause you to remember a scripture you had always known like, "...The just man falleth seven times, and he riseth up again..."(Proverbs 24:16). At other times, you may recall the cheering voice of a pastor, the noble words of a good friend, the inspiring message from a book or blog like this.

So, when the enemy knocks you down with guilt based on your past mistakes, look up and say:

"The blood of Jesus is working for me."

When the anguish of a failed marriage knocks down your joy, look up and say:

"God is a God of a second chance."

When the pain of sickness knocks down your vitality in the morning, look up and say:

"Praise God, it is not over with this thing, until I win."

When financial worries knock down your dream of providing the best for your family, look up and say:

"The God who gave me this family will not abandon me halfway...I am bouncing back!"

Yes, you are bouncing back...Yes, you are coming up...Yes, you are rising again...For down is not your favorite spot...The seed of something special is in you. The seed of advancement is working in you...and that seed is growing day-by-day. ‪#‎KeepAdvancing‬. CLICK if you want to partner with us today.

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