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DEVOTIONAL: You Are Not Alone

Supernatural victory is the kind of victory that is experienced through the operation of the word of God. It comes when the Holy Ghost imparts his fresh breath on a word, which in turn provokes a fresh implosion of faith within the heart of the recipient that can in turn lead to an uncommon miracle.

In John 16:33, Jesus began to tell his disciples that the hour had come for them to be scattered...For them to experience tough issues and tribulations...but he was also quick to remind them that they must not fear, that they must take heart, that they must be of good cheer, because he had already conquered the world.

I need you to pay particular attention to how he framed his words. He said,

“I have overcome the world...”

ever before he went to Calvary, ever before he died, and ever before he paid the penalty for our sins. But what is it that could have made him to talk like that? It was because he believed that he was not alone. He actually said this,

“…yet, I am not alone, for the Father is with me…”

Hallelujah! So, the foundation of our supernatural victories must always begin from these two platforms:

1. A knowing that Jesus had already overcome the world for us and

2. A knowing that the Father dwells in us by his Spirit.

Friends, when these truths are in you, the fear that paralyzes visions and goals will shrink, the doubt that hinders faith will leave, and the worry that crushes the miraculous will be found no more. So, always remember in your own life, that you are not alone, that you are living a life of supernatural victory daily because Jesus has already fought the main battle for you, as a born again believer. Let us pray:


My Heavenly Father,

I Thank you for another new day…I believe and declare today, that your grace is working for me, that your faith is working in me, that your word is neutralizing obstacles for me and that your glory is causing your favor to rest upon me in every place and on every side today, in jesus name…Amen!

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