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DEVOTIONAL: Sweatless Triumph Is My Portion (Part 2)

But before we delve into the cycles of blessing that we activate in the different areas of our lives as we proclaim and rest on the finished work of Jesus Christ in sweatless triumph, I would want to clarify two fundamental issues.

The first issue is that reigning in sweatless triumph refers to mixing our FAITH with the GRACE of God that was extended to us at redemption. And the second issue is that operating in sweatless triumph does not mean living a life of PASSIVITY. Instead, it means living a life of POSITIVITY due to the rest we have in the finished work of Christ.

The Rest Of Christ

The rest of Christ is the idea that Jesus sat down at the right hand of God after he had accomplished his priestly task contrary to the Priests under the Law of Moses who never sat down at any time during their priestly functions because their task was never complete(Hebrews 10:12,14).

Kindly take note of the fact that it was after Jesus sat down that he sent the Holy Ghost to the earth with power and wisdom in full measure. In other words, we can only reign in our kingly dominion in power, wisdom and dominion when we choose to rest in the finished work of Christ. For it is our rest in that finished work that activates the free flow of the Spirit of POWER, DELIVERANCE and WISDOM into our lives and situations.

For example, years ago when I arrived newly to Miami, Florida, I was asked by a friend to pray over his magnificent-looking house. According to him, he felt that demons were hindering his activities in that house. I initially wanted to waive it aside with the thought that "how on earth can any demon decide to be in this palatial home?" But as I thought along that line, the word of the Lord came to me to pray with him. So, I told him to bring his Bible and open it to Colossians 2:15:

"And (Jesus) having spoiled (disarmed) principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it."

As we began to pray, I refused to focus my attention on the problem, neither did I wonder on the size of the demons. I simply focused on the finished work of Christ that that scripture emphasized. I focused on the fact that Jesus had DISARMED PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS...and made a PUBLIC SHOW OF THEM...Hallelujah!!!

The Holy Ghost Moves When We Trust The Finished Work Of Calvary

And as I focused on those spiritual facts, immediately the Holy Ghost moved into action by opening the eyes of my spirit to see that same house surrounded by a mighty chain in the spirit realm. And as I continued to pray in the spirit, declaring the blood of Jesus Christ over that spiritual chain of limitation around that house, the FIRE OF GOD appeared suddenly and consumed that chain. And one year later that brother was full of awesome testimonies to the glory of God.

The import of this illustration is for us to see that when we face situations, we must seize from focusing on what we have to do, to what Christ had done. And based on what he Christ had done, the Holy Ghost would show us what to do.

So, sweatless triumph is not about what we have to do, do, and do...but about what Christ had done, done and done. (To continue tomorrow).

Let Us Pray:

Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the awesome work you did on our behalf at Calvary. I boldly decree and declare that your deliverance is now working in every area of my life today, I declare that financial freedom is mine today, health and vitality are mine today, generational blessing is mine today, the favor of God is now neutralizing the yoke of misfortune in my life, in my career, in my ministry, in my business, and in my family...The wall of fire is shielding us on every side and in every way...Sweatless triumph is manifesting in our activities today, in Jesus name. Amen...Hallelujah!!!

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