ADVANCEMENT DEVOTIONAL: Sweatless Triumph Is My Portion (Part 5)

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

Talking about the work of sweatless triumph that God did for us by GRACE in Christ Jesus is awesome. But perhaps more awesome is the fact that being in Christ brings us to a PLACE OF DIGNITY. Christ is that CITY OF REFUGE where the offender receives the pardon that erases the mistakes of old, where the poor receives help to bounce back again, where the stagnant is converted to a major HIGH-FLYER in life.

Talking about high-flying reminds me of the experience I had some years ago when I had to do a long distance drive of more than 20 hours from Austin, Texas to Miami, Florida. In the course of that drive I paid attention to all the details on the road, I could not afford to sleep while driving, I stayed within the speed limit, I slowed down when the road became wet, I made sure to follow all the rules of defensive driving, etc. And despite all that dutiful performance, the journey still took me more than 20 hours to accomplish, I still needed a lot of rest when I got to my destination.

But hear this! When I decided to do that trip again by air, I understood what it means to be a HIGH-FLYER in the journey of life. This particular trip took me just about 2 hours. Not only that, I spent time either relaxing with a book, catching a little nap on the way, or simply praying quietly in the spirit. And when I arrived at my destination, I was ready to function.

What was the difference? the difference was in the fact that on the first trip, I was a PERFORMER, and on the second trip I was a RECEIVER of the expertise of the pilot. Applying that illustration to our study opens our understanding to how being in Christ makes us the high-flyers of life.

We quit from depending on ourselves and begin to depend on what Christ had done. We see how waiting upon the Lord in faith can renew our strength and cause us to mount with wings as the Eagle in the above scripture in Isaiah 40:31. Take note of the fact that the reason why the Eagle is a high-flying bird is not because the Eagle flaps its wings non-stop, it is because the Eagle learns the strategy of aligning its flight experience by gliding and cruising at the right altitude.


It is my prayer that as we engage the altitude of grace in this season, our sweatless triumph will become a reality in every area of our lives, our journey of faith will gain supernatural speed, and we will coast to victory at the speed, and splendor of Christ in Jesus name. (To continue).

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