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From The Narrow Plane To The Higher Place

One of the things you must guard against in your glorious journey of advancement is that temptation to pursue your God-given desires and dreams just for the purpose of proving a point to somebody else. For example, somebody once said to me, "Dr. Iyke, I chose to buy this Mercedes Benz car just to prove a point to that lady who abandoned me because of my former financial situation." Another one said, "I chose to lay the foundation of the biggest building in my hometown just to prove to my townspeople that my family should not be toyed with or looked down-on again by others."

Some other fellows said, "I chose to write a book to tell my bragging friend that I can also write, I decided to get married just to prove that I can also get married to my former lover who married my best friend, I decided to become a business person just to let that arrogant business man in my childhood days know that he does not have two heads, I decided to pastor a church to prove to that sister who left me to marry a pastor that I can also preach, I decided to re-unite with my run-away-dad just to let him know that I have finally arrived contrary to his expectations." The list of instances can go on and on. But here is the advancement strategy of life that you must endeavor to remember:

"If your motive is just to prove a point to others, you make your personal ego the basis for your advancement."

My dear reader, I challenge you to see the dream you are pursuing to be one that is bigger than you. Let it be a desire to serve humanity...Let it be a desire to help your family...Let it be a desire to improve yourself...But not a desire to prove a point just for the sake of fueling your ego. As a matter of fact, the desire to fuel your ego is the desire to impress people with your self...And that only leads you to depress yourself because people hardly pay attention to you or anyone else but themselves. That was why great leaders like Moses focused on people, Jesus the Christ, focused on people, Paul the apostle focused on people, Bill Gates, the current richest man in the world focused his products and services on the people.

So, let your sense of motivation on the pathway to advancement be galvanized by a sense of divine purpose and not one that is anchored on the desire to make people envious of your attainments...Doing that keeps you on your toes to keep impressing others. Doing that creates a feeling of discontent within you. Doing that frustrates your real goal of manifesting destiny.

So, go and grow beyond the narrow plane of self to the higher place of service...For you have the seed of something special in you. You have the seed of advancement. And that seed is growing day-by-day.

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