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“Who against hope believed in hope; that he might become the father of many nations; according to that which was spoken, so shall thy seed be" (Rom 4vs18)

Hope is the force of the spirit that anchors our journey of faith on a steady frequency. Hope is positive expectation. It is seeing beyond the immediate, it is looking at the bigger picture in the midst of several outcomes. Hope operates at two realms.

The first realm is the realm of natural hope. Where our expectation is anchored on the premise of physical dictates. It is provoked by the positive words of men, it is unleashed when a doctor assures you that he can use his medical know-how to treat an ailment, it comes handy when a teacher assures you that he can do an overhaul in the academic performances of your child, you note it when a lawyer tells you that you have a good case, you appreciate it when your banker informs you that you have a good chance of getting your mortgage approved.

Friend, the truth is that the positive words of men are good, but they do have their limitations. Their limitation is made manifest in the face of seeming hopeless situations, like when an individual is told that every medical verdict indicates that he has a few months to live because of a terminal health condition, like when a couple in menopause is told that they have a zero chance of becoming parents, like when financial facts indicate that a business organization cannot sail through on their loan request, like when you face superior competitors who are heavily connected to men and women in power.

Dear friend, it is in the presence of such mountains that you are exposed to another kind of hope. I call it supernatural hope. It is the hope that operates when the facts on the ground say the opposite. It is the hope that stirs our faith in God. It is the hope that says, “God will do it,” It is the hope that says, “everything here looks impossible but God is a specialist at situations like this,” It is the hope that draws its strength from the word of God. It is the hope that provokes the force of faith. For faith only brings into the now what hope sees in the future. Someone said, “Faith is superior to hope because hope waits but faith receives.” And I say, “Faith can only receive in the now, what hope is able to see and expect.”

That is why hope is said to be the mother of faith! You need joy to walk in faith and joy comes from supernatural hope. Abraham against the dictates of natural hope believed in supernatural hope. And that enabled him to unleash the force of faith.

My dear friend, I am sent across your path to remind you of the fact that your tomorrow is still very colorful, the information at your disposal may indicate otherwise, but the inside information of the word of God, declares this, “A living dog is better than a dead lion (Eccle. 9:4).” If a living dog is better than a dead lion, then a living person is even better and greater!

That is why I prophesy to you today, that you will prevail over that limitation, you will overcome that test, you will silence the opposition for good, God will quench the mouth of lions for you, his mercy will see you through tight-places, our testimonies will resound on-high! It will reverberate in high places, the new position you are looking for will come your way speedily, divine vitality will banish that sickness for good and your joy shall know no bounds because you operate in hope even in the midst of hopeless situations in Jesus name… Amen!

And that is why I believe that your season of divine enlargement has finally come and your financial coast shall be enlarged as you engage these truths!

Culled from the book,

“God will enlarge your coast: Hope in the midst of hopelessness” Dr. Iyke Nwambie

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