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INSPIRATION: Confusion Will Not Be Your Portion

A confused mind is like the crossroads of life. And the crossroads of life is that point in life where you need some direction. Where you need some kind of confirmation. Where you need some kind of roadmap. We all get to that point once in a while in our journey. Where we need some clear-cut word for the next move in our lives. Where we need a manual that will make sense to us…I once knew a preacher who got to that point in his life and began to read some philosophical books and got even more confused. I knew a businessperson who got to that point and sought the opinion of some experts and got more confused. I remembered getting to that point years ago in my own life. And in my darkness, I received illumination from the lamp of the word of God through an inspirational write-up like this one. So, instead of getting confused, I decided to be like King David who said, “…thy word, and not the world, is lamp unto my feet…” My dear friend, be like David...For those who know what to do in the face of confusion, never get stranded in the school of advancement.


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).

I confess that the word of God is the lamp that illuminates my mind…I will locate what God has to say in my situation...I will not be confused.


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