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INSPIRATION: Drink From The Cup Of Possibilities

Life offers us the opportunity to either drink from the cup of possibilities or from the cup of impossibilities. Possibility thinking is the daily ritual of the champion in Christ. It is a habit that activates the switch of faith in the mind and heart of the brave. Drinking from the cup of possibilities is carried out through the channel of our belief-systems. We sip that juice of possibility when discouragement sticks out its neck, we take a drink of that possibility when bitterness dares to remind us of its presence, we gulp down that possibility when worry announces its arrival. The student who drinks from this cup of possibility never loses hope. The businessperson who indulges in this drink bounces back again. The career person who fills up with the drink of possibility becomes the rallying point of other colleagues. My dear friend, take a sip from the cup of possibilities today for a fresh touch of possibilities…Taste and see for the Lord is good! #KeepAdvancing!

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” (Mark 9:23).


I confess today, that all things are possible with God…And as I drink from the CUP OF HIS POSSIBILITIES today, my mind and heart are energized to do uncommon exploits, in Jesus name…Amen!


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