INSPIRATION: Soul Winning Is Partnering With God For All-round Advancements

Compassion is the heart-cry of the soul winning Christian. Compassion is the compelling tool that unlocks the heart of a sinner. Compassion never fails...If your unsaved colleague at work; your unsaved neighbor in your community; your unsaved friend; your unsaved family member feels your compassion for one second; they will think of your God for the whole day. My dear friend, become a soul winning Christian today: Talk to somebody about Jesus, offer an inspirational tract to somebody, share an inspirational blog like this one with somebody, partner and send an offering to soul winning organizations like this one and others, refrain from comments that dampen the morale of the unsaved about the church, and dare to pray for an unsaved person. For becoming a soul winner is partnering with God for all-round advancements…. #KeepAdvancing!

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”

(Matthew 4:19)



I receive grace to be an effective soul winner today. I will identify and partner with soul winning organizations and platforms today…Thank you Jesus.


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