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INSPIRATION: Being Polite To People Is A Smart Thing To Do

A good attitude to acquire in life is the attitude of being polite to people when we meet them the first time. The reason is two-fold: we tend to meet those we have met before again. And people see us before they hear us. One of the things other people see or feel about us before they ever hear us is how polite our attitude was to them. Attitude is what we feel or see before we hear the other person. Have you heard people describe somebody they were meeting for the first time as: “that rude fellow…” “that proud man…” “that reckless woman…” “that nice lady…” “that excellent staff…?” It is due to the fact that people form mental impressions of others when they meet the first time…So, be polite to others…For being polite to people is a smart thing to do... #KeepAdvancing!

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers”

(Ephesians 4:29)


Dear Lord, I receive your enabling grace to be polite to people today. I refuse to be rude or nasty. I choose to be polite, in Jesus name. Amen!


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